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      2006版 | 咨詢電話:0755-83769155

      網站建設案例 (品牌網站建設、集團網站建設、FLASH互動設計、高端網站建設 ... )




      FLUX ( 2013.6 )



      Swedish design is characterized by simplicity and functionality with a desire to eliminate features and details that doesn't enhance the functionality of the final product. This functional minimalism often finds its inspiration in the shapes and forms of the Scandinavian crafts tradition.
      Flux takes pride in being part of this heritage. Excessive details and features that do not add any lightning or architectural value is taken away. The focus is on the light performance and all designs are streamlined to be optimal lighting instruments first, and objects of design secondly.
      The thoughtful design of Flux products is the result of a disciplined development process where size, glare control and user friendliness is considered first. When the functionality is in place, each product is carefully designed to be discretely integrated with the architectural values of the room or space where they are placed.
      Flux places light where it matters. A foundation of ambient light should be applied to each space. This background light can be controlled according to daylight conditions or to reflect any desired mood or atmosphere. When the foundation is laid it is time for a creative lighting planning process where we analyze what specific task lights that are required. Several well focused light points are preferred over expressionless area lighting. Particular attention is given to creating contrasts between different application areas and ensuring a high degree of light comfort.

      With a balanced technology approach and differentiated planning we create a convincing stage to bring out the best of your architecture and products.