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      2006版 | 咨詢電話:0755-83769155

      網站建設案例 (品牌網站建設、集團網站建設、FLASH互動設計、高端網站建設 ... )





      奧尼 ( 2009.10 )



      Shenzhen Aoni Electronic Industry Co., Ltd. is a big integrative IT group ltd. From year 2003, Aoni is absorbed in developing and manufacture of digital video products and with close business relationship with many famous brands all over the world.

      Our main products include PC camera, Headphone, Mini speaker, U Disk and notebook accessories, etc… In 2004, we built R&D centre in china, and our products passed many certificates like CE and FCC. In July 2005, VimicroCompany authorized Aoni to be the exclusive experimental base; all the products got the authentication of “Microsoft-Vimicro united laboratory.”

      Aoni own a standard factory in Bao’an, Shenzhen, with an area more than 16200 square meters. Meanwhile, we have passed ISO9001:2000 and operated ERP software. From year 2006, we adopted lead –free production craft. All the products can meet the EU standards, WEEE and ROHS. Now we are one of the biggest and most professional PC camera manufacture in China. With perfect operating system from product design, mould produce, management, QC inspect to marketing and financial calculation.

      With the expanding of digital products in the whole world, our company built our own brand ANC in year 2003, and stetted up second brand BNT in 2004 in China, and the market share always is the NO.1 from 2005 till now.

      Shenzhen Aoni Electronic Industry Co., Ltd. has strong technology and capital potency, plus completes overseas distribution channels. Our products have been exported widely to Europe, North and South America, Middle East, Asia and other areas. As a manufacturer and direct exporter, we are sure that we can offer competitive prices, best quality and excellent services to out customers.